CID aids counterfeit detection

Fire cable manufacturing company, Ventcroft, has introduced a new cable counterfeit deterrent and theft prevention facility. The company’s cable identity detection (CID) system is available for use with its NoBurn Standard and Enhanced fire cable. The CID system offers contractors and specifiers the ability to fight the installation of counterfeit, sub standard or wrong types of fire cable, and at the same time also to deter and reduce cable theft by employees and sub contract employees from project sites.

A commitment to just 30 km of any one type of NoBurn fire cable enables a contractor or project specifier to have their cable printed not only with the contractor name or initials, but also with a specific project number. The CID marked cable can be ordered for one drop, or over the period of a project or time scale negotiated via their Ventcroft wholesaler/distributor.

Fire Cable printed using the CID system will provide customers with life time traceability and additional assurance that every reel of fire cable is genuine and as specified for the installation site it was intended. In addition to a company name printed on the cable, Ventcroft offer an option for a unique project identity number to be printed on every metre of the cable and to provide customers with instant on line access to review and check the details.

The benefits CID provides are at no additional cost and with a maximum lead time for delivery on fast moving lines of only 7 working days from date of order, No other manufacturer offers this system or service!

Jim Malone Ventcroft Sales Director said Major contractors have welcomed CID; our system is simple and free but provides a major deterrent and can reduce theft of fire cable from site for use elsewhere. The unique CID details are there for the life span of the cable, so not only will provide proof of cable theft, but perhaps also enable the authorities to identify those responsible for years to come.

Project consultants and regulatory bodies have also welcomed the CID system, consultants believe it will assist contractors to install only the fire cable specified and approved, and provide easier identification of counterfeit and non compliant cables, or even where Standard fire cable had been installed incorrectly in place of Enhanced fire cable