Circle of strength

Molex has expanded its Circular MT cable assemblies line to meet the rising performance demands of industries such as telecommunications, military and medical. The new 1-by-3 Circular MT connector and adapter are designed to provide a reliable, high-density solution to meet or exceed the mechanical specifications of traditional inter-chassis connections.

With their metal housing and stainless steel push/twist locking ring, the Circular MT cable assemblies are said to offer a more robust MT ferrule-based interface than traditional ribbon-based optical connectors. Both the adapter and housings feature a deep, polarized mating cavity that helps reduce alignment-pin hole damage associated with traditional MT connector systems. The new design is also said to increase pull-strength and enhance fibre management.

Designed to fit round, multi-fibre jackets, the 1-by-3 Circular MT connectors employ 36 to 72 loose fibres in a single ruggedised cable that allows for 360 degree rotation. The connector can be supplied as a terminated cable assembly and customised for specific applications.

Molex also supplies cable management clips, shutters, removal tabs and cleaning tools.