Clarity on shielding

Chomerics Europe’s new shielded window display material, Winshield C, is a cast monomer material said to combine outstanding electromagnetic shielding performance and optical clarity. Applications include display filtering in test equipment, medical instrumentation, public information displays and military radios and computers. Unlike most shielded window materials that comprise an electrically conductive medium such as a mesh laminated to a substrate, Winshield C is a single component material. The monomer material combines excellent light transmission performance of 90% that is close to that of crown glass, whilst being less than half the weight. The material can be cast in thicknesses of between 1.5mm and 6.0mm and can be easily machined to provide features such as mounting holes and grooves for gaskets and seals.

The -60C to +100C operating temperature range of Winshield C is wider than that of most other materials on the market and allows it to be used in challenging indoor and outdoor environments. Excellent chemical, impact and scratch resistance further enhances the suitability of the new material in such applications.

Termination is via silver busbar and all Winshield C shielded windows are suitable for the application of silk screen graphics using two-pack inks. Chomerics provides comprehensive design and technical support for Winshield C and all other materials in its comprehensive range of shielded optical products. A comprehensive online selection guide is also available to help designers choose the most appropriate material for their specific applications.