Codec sounds perfect for high-end audio

Audio compression developer, APTX, reveals that British audio equipment designer, Chord Electronics, has licensed its apt-X audio codec. The device will be used in audio products that wirelessly connect Bluetooth A2DP enabled media players, such as music phones and MP3 players, to high-fidelity stereo audio systems. The award-winning Chordette Gem, an easy-to-use device designed to integrate within existing hi-fi and home theater systems, is expected to be the first new wireless audio connectivity product from Chord to leverage the outstanding stereo audio quality of the apt-X codec when incorporated in Bluetooth A2DP technology.

Chord joins a fast-growing number of market-leading OEMs in consumer electronics, notably Creative, Sennheiser, and more recently, Motorola, who have taken first-mover advantage to license apt-X compression technology for inclusion in high-quality wireless audio applications for example, in Stereo Bluetooth headphones and multi-room wireless speakers where apt-X encode is employed on the transmit/play-out (Bluetooth source) side and apt-X decode on the receive (Bluetooth sink) side.

Commenting on this latest design win for apt-X, Noel McKenna, CEO of APTX said: ‘The apt-X powered wireless audio ecosystem is taking hold in the world of consumer electronics and growing fast. Chord’s endorsement of apt-X technology for Hi-Fi stereo applications sends a clear message to the CE industry and consumers alike – that Bluetooth audio is more than just a mono headset thing for speech-quality only. Thanks to the apt-X audio codec, the term ‘Hi-Fi Bluetooth’ isn’t the oxmymoron it once appeared.’

Matt Bartlett, Production Manager for England based Chord Electronics, said: ‘We are pleased to have worked with the team at APTX to further develop our Bluetooth products. With our superb hardware decryption already in place we felt that the inclusion of the apt-X codec within our existing design would take full advantage of any future enhancements in Bluetooth transmission.