Compact narrowband radio modules for industrial use

LPRS has announced the launch of the latest narrowband radio modules from Circuit Design. The ultra-compact transmitter CDP-TX-05M-R and receiver CDP-RX-05M-R supersede the very successful CDP-TX-04S-R and CDP-RX-03AS/BS-R modules, maintaining their remarkable size and low power consumption (10mW) while offering multi-channel operation. Multi-channel operation allows the user to ensure reliable wireless communication by on site selection to a channel that is not affected by local interference. The new modules operate at 426 MHz for Japan, 434 MHz or 869 MHz for Europe, and 915 MHz for the USA and each may be switched between 4 pre-programmed channels. In addition the alternative frequencies can be customised according to the customer’s requirements.

The compact CDP-TX-05M-R and CDP-RX-05M-R are supplied in a robust, shielded enclosure and require just a small number of external components to produce a complete wireless system for industrial use. They are both pin compatible with the existing CDP-TX-04S-R transmitter and CDP-RX-03AS-R receiver modules that have already proved to be very well received in the Japanese and European markets for their quality and reliability.

High frequency stability is ensured by the use of a TCXO as the reference oscillator circuit of the radio module and the operating temperature range has been increased to -20C to +65C.

With the output of 10mW (1mW in Japan, 0.5mW in the USA) authorised for narrow band FM and double superheterodyne receivers with high receive sensitivity in the European harmonised ISM band, a communication range of 600 m (line-of-sight) is possible.

Other standard features of these new wireless modules include R&TTE (EN300220) & RoHS compliant, FCC Part 15.249, small and lightweight with the transmitter just 22 12 6 mm, 3 gm and receiver 36 26 8 mm, 13 gm. 4 RF channels with narrowband FM 25 kHz channel spacing, high sensitivity double superheterodyne receiver -120 dBm sensitivity (434 MHz SINAD 12 dB)

Samples of the new CDP-TX-05M-R and receiver CDP-RX-05M-R are available now with volume production shipping in from July 2009.Typical applications include industrial remote control, security and alarms, telemetry and monitoring systems and tracking systems.