Compact power supply

The Quint Power compact power supply utilises selective fuse breaking technology (SFB), six times the rated current for 12ms. This power reserve enables primary-switched power supplies to deliver many times the rated current for a short time. Other system parts remain in operation only when faulty current paths can be selectively switched off. The power reserve is also available for loads with high current peaks. In addition, Quint Power offers up to 1.5 times the rated current with the power boost power reserve, which is constantly available. This is necessary for loads with high start-up currents, in order, for example, to allow DC motors to continue running. The diagnosis of the connected consumer load has been expanded and works by constantly monitoring output voltage and output power. In addition to normal operation and breakdown, the preventative function monitoring now identifies critical operation states during which the power supply works flawlessly even though it is in overload mode. Thus the controller can recognise faults with connected loads at an early stage.