Connecting to filter suppliers

Link Microtek has added a new series of coaxial combline band-pass filters to its range. Known as the AMQ-COMB series, the filters are engineered to achieve large pass-band to stop-band ratios and Q factors up to 3500. The combline filters comprise a set of coupled circular resonators between two parallel ground planes, each resonator having an associated variable loading capacitor. The filters are available in designs covering the frequency range 500MHz to 3.0GHz, with bandwidths from three to 50 per cent. They are equipped with SMA female connectors.

As an example of size, a unit with 2.2GHz centre frequency has overall dimensions of just 73 by 23 by 11mm. Manufactured under Link Microteks BS EN ISO:2000 quality management system, the filters feature a lightweight aluminium construction with an Alochrom finish.