Connector systems specified for embedded applications

Samtecs rugged .635mm pitch QMS/QFS Series, or Q2, meets industry-recognized standards for embedded applications including PCI/104-Express, StackableUSB, and SUMIT. Samtec has specially designed Q2 connector strips with a 15.24mm stack height for top and bottom board stacking The PCI/104-Express standard specifies Samtecs Q2 QMS/QFS Series connectors in a three-bank (156 pin) orientation (ASP-129637-03/ASP-129646-03) for module stacking, while the StackableUSB and SUMIT standards specify the QMS/QFS Series system in a one-bank (52 pin) orientation (ASP-129637-01/ASP-129646-01).

Both configurations employ Samtecs precision machined standoffs with a 15.24mm stack height (SO-1524-03-01-02-L) to meet each standard. The standoffs also limit the impact of tolerance stack up issues in stackable embedded applications.

Samtec offers a full line of interconnect solutions ideal for embedded applications including high speed and rugged connectors and cables, standard headers and sockets, high density arrays, Advanced Mezzanine Card and MicroTCA, and emulation and development systems.