Connectors offer secure mating retention

Molex has launched a new series of 2.00mm (.079) pitch SMT wire-to-board connectors designed for applications that require secure electrical contact. The CLIK-Mate connector features a positive locking mechanism that provides an audible click, so operators know when it is fully mated. Rated at 3.0A, the connectors can be used for both signal and power connections in a variety of end-user products.

The single-row CLIK-Mate 2.00mm connector includes dual positive inner-locks from eight to 14 circuits and a wide single lock on four and six circuit versions. Its inner-lock design prevents wires from becoming tangled in the latch, which sometimes occurs with outer-lock types, causing latch damage or breakage.

To prevent incorrect insertion, the CLIK-Mate connector includes a U-shaped terminal that can only fit in the housing one way. The system features a dual-contact tuning fork-style terminal that provides secure electrical contact and avoids terminal stubbing and damage that can occur with pin header designs. Terminals are tin-plated and used with 22 to 26 AWG wires.