Convert to portable OLEDs

Purchasers specifying OLEDs for portable applications will be interested in AnalogicTechs application-specific power solution for organic LED (OLED) modules, designed to offer hysteretic control and stability while minimising leakage current losses.
With their thin form factor, low power requirements and wide viewing angle, OLEDS are increasingly popular for portable applications, however they require a step-up converter with a fast transient response and zero leakage when inactive to preserve battery life. AnalogicTechs AAT1230 is a 2MHz, 18V, 100mA step-up converter optimised for powering both OLEDs and general purpose LCD and CCD modules in portable systems.

The device is said to deliver fast transient response and stability over a wide load and input voltage range without specifying additional compensation components. High switching frequency also enables the use of small inductors and capacitors. Load isolation is addressed with a disconnect function, which isolates the load from the power source when EN/SET is pulled low. Leakage current is less than 1A, which eliminates additional load switch and control circuitry.

Safety features include cycle-by-cycle current limit, short-circuit and over-temperature protection circuits. Operating between -40 to 85C, the AAT1230 is available in a Pb-free, 12-pin TSOPJW package.