Cool ideas for indoor lighting

It’s energy saving, it’s vibration resistant, it’s long lasting but how do you solve the cooling problems traditionally associated with indoor LED lighting? Sunon provides a solution LED luminous efficiency and manufacturing processes have advanced rapidly. This, along with a growing awareness of the need for energy saving and CO2 reduction around the globe, mean LED lighting technology is increasing in popularity.

In the indoor lighting market, LED products are quickly replacing conventional lighting due to a number of benefits: LED lighting is energy-saving, vibration resistant, compact and low in power consumption and attenuation. It also offers a long service life, is suitable for low-temperature environments and provides high luminous efficiency.

As a result, LEDs have great potential in indoor lighting, yet cooling issues still present a problem that affects the take up of high-power LED applications. To solve this problem, cooling specialist, Sunon, has devised an LED indoor lighting cooling module, available in a number of designs.

Cool and efficient

Developed specifically to increase cooling efficiency, Sunon’s LED indoor lighting cooling technology has a blocking ring design. Positioned at the modules ventilator inlet, this can control airflow and increase airflow speed. Not only does it bring hot air out, it prevents hot air from flowing back to the light bulb where it can produce high temperatures. This means it can increase cooling efficiency, with tests showing a 10degC reduction compared to conventional designs.

Further benefits of the blocking ring design include reduced noise, with tests indicating a 17dBA reduction compared to conventional designs. Sunon claims this creates a comfortable living space for the end user.

Cool and clean

Backed by its extensive design design capability, Sunon has also developed a two-way operation design for fans. Built on a patented loop design, the fan rotates clockwise to clean the dust on the bulb at the moment it starts up. This is to avoid any dust drawn into the fan during rotation from being blown into the cooling module and light bulb where it would result in lower efficiency. After rotating clockwise for a few seconds, the fan automatically rotates counter-clockwise for cooling. This increases the cooling efficiency, prolonging the LED light bulbs overall service life.

Cool and quiet

Indoor lighting equipment should be quiet, according to its use, so it is important to consider the the noise made by fans. Sunon has devoted considerable research to sound quality engineering, emphasising the balance between sound quality and silence design. The result is products like the low-noise MagLev Motor Fan and Super Silence Fan.

In addition to sound quality development, computer technology such as a head measurement system (HMS) have been used to assess indoor tranquillity and provide a comfortable environment with no interference.

Sunon claims the quiet cooling efficiency of its LED indoor lighting products make them more user-friendly.

To meet customer demands with the optimum design flexibility, Sunon LED indoor lighting cooling module solutions offer customised service. Under the technical support of the research team, Sunon can develop products and designs flexibly according to customer needs and work together with customers to create new products, driven by the company’s ethos of brand, innovation, and value.