Cooling small spaces

With a frame size of 100 by 100 by 38mm, Aerco’s new Delta FFB 1012EHE 12V DC axial equipment fan is a handy compromise between the usual 92 and 120mm frame sizes. This makes it ideal for cooling small enclosures. The FFB series is built with a dual blade impeller, designed to provide optimum airflow performance rotating at a speed of 5,000rpm. This provides airflow of 67.25 litres/sec against high system pressure, saving both space and energy in applications that need high levels of cooling in a high pressure environment.

All fans in the FFB series are fitted with a dual ball bearing system said to ensure a life of 70,000 hours measured with L10 at 40C. Applications include IT servers and network equipment, desktop PCs and other densely packed assemblies. This series can also be supplied with frequency generator signal (tacho) and/or fan fail signal.