Delivering on high temperature demands

Cissoid’s new Vesuvio technology implements Buck step-down DC-DC converters, said to operate reliably from -55C to 225C in applications such as oil and gas and aeronautics. VESUVIO can step input voltages from 6 to 30V down to an output voltage adjustable from 1.2V up to 90% of the input. VESUVIO Buck Converters demonstrate efficiencies in excess of 90% above 200C. When configured as Synchronous DC-DC Converter, it operates in Continuous Current Mode (CCM) at a constant frequency, making ripple filtering easier for demanding sensor applications. VESUVIO technology uses the soft-start capability of MAGMA PWM controller to enable a smooth start-up. The input voltage feed forward compensation makes it very robust to input voltage transient variations and provides a DC line regulation better than 1.5mV/V. The demonstration board is adjusted to a 5V output and is able to deliver up to 10W at 225C. The board is rated to 175C but can be tested higher for short periods of time. It is ideally shaped for test purposes with thermo-streamers.

Besides this example, VESUVIO technology can be used to build DC-DC buck converters with output voltages up to 27V and delivering up to 50W. The reference design and its bill-of-material can be mapped onto high temperature substrates and assembled in high reliability modules.

Tony Denayer, CEO at CISSOID, said Our VOLCANO product family of high temperature DC-DC converters is expanding: after ETNA, announced earlier this year, VESUVIO is the second generation of converters bringing high efficiency and reliability up to 225C. With VESUVIO, CISSOID not only brings solutions to demanding applications such as oil & gas and aeronautics. We also open up new possibilities for the battery chargers of electric vehicles. Fast chargers based on CISSOID technology do not require cooling which is a major improvement in compactness, reliability and complexity of the systems. This provides significant reduction of the overall cost and weight. CISSOID will keep introducing other types of converters, including those meant for higher input voltages.

VESUVIO technology is available for licensing and includes the reference design and its schematic, a demonstration board, datasheet and application note, as well as the bill-of-material.