Deploy the first line of defence

Connector distributor, Kallista Electronics combines a broad portfolio, with rapid assembly and technical back-up on older parts a service which has been recognised by the Ministry of Defence
With a focus on circular connectors, Sussex-based Kallista offers a wide range of products on short lead-times through its growing connector assembly facility. These products are assembled under license from a variety of manufacturers and are supplied within four to five working days from the time when the customer places a purchase order.
Managing director of Kallista, Steve Bacon, commented: The concept of short lead-times through assembly is not new, but the exceptionally wide portfolio of products available through Kallista ensures that customers need not consider anyone else when purchasing this range of electronic components.
Alongside its current connector sourcing service, Kallista offers technical support on all connectors as well as advice on older ranges which are no longer available from the large catalogue-based distributors. To support its in-depth connector business, the company also supplies a range of connector accessories, backshells and tooling. This service has been recognised by the Ministry of Defence who has placed Kallista on the MOD DSTAN helpdesk as a supporter to all defence establishments and their sub-contractors. Kallista is also BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certified.
Furthermore, the company’s recent introduction of new relays, switches and other electromechanical products, ensures Kallista’s product range will satisfy a host of purchasing requirements.