Determanistic data at field level

Development and implementation are progressing on the new HARTING Technology ‘Fast Track Switching’, which was presented in the form of technology prototypes as a global innovation at the last SPS/IPC/Drives. Fully compatible with standard Ethernet, the Fast Track Switches guarantee deterministic data transmission at the field level. This makes it possible to meet high real-time requirements in automation without changing the standard Ethernet. All the benefits, such as flexibility, many degrees of freedom, large portfolio of globally available devices and established technology, can be fully exploited.

No special hardware is required in the terminal units. The switches guarantee on-time data transport. This works for various automation profiles, such as PROFINET RT, Ethernet/IP, ModbusTCP and all other standard-unchanged Ethernet protocols that can be identified in their headers. These are given priority, identified and sent using cut-through methods. The central point is that they can pass other protocols – this is the ‘fast track’.