Easy gains with new antennas

Available now from Solid State Supplies are two internal PCB antennas from Pulse which represent an easy way to achieve 2dBi gains with omnidirectional radiation patterns for 360 coverage, in a very compact size. The antennas are designed with machine to machine (M2M) communications in mind and the range includes both ISM2.4GHz and GSM models. Pulses W3525 antenna is designed for use in the ISM2.4GHz band, making it suitable for ZigBee or IEE802.11b/g WLAN standards. This easy-to-implement internal PCB antenna offers 2dBi peak gain with omnidirectional coverage and will be used in M2M communications systems in utility meters, data logging, home networking, smart grid networks, short range point to point communications, remote control and other industrial control applications. The antennas compact size (10.7 x 47.7 x 0.8 mm) contributes to keeping overall product size down.

The low-profile W3501 is an internal quad band PCB antenna for GSM use, covering the GSM 850, GSM 900, DCS and PCS bands. It features a compact form factor of just 25 x 87 x 0.2 mm and is very light weight at just 1.35g.

Both antennas come with IPEX (U.FL compatible) cable assemblies with lengths of 100 or 254 mm for ease of implementation; custom variations are available on request. Both antennas are RoHS compliant.