Easy ways to add mobile multimedia

Targeted specifically at mobile phones, Texas Instruments’ two new OMAP-DM5x coprocessors are expected to help handset manufacturers get to market quickly with cutting-edge multimedia capabilities.

The OMAP-DM515 and OMAP-DM525 coprocessors deliver up to 20MP still imaging and 720p high-definition (HD) camcorder functionality.

Key features and benefits of the OMAP-DM5x coprocessor family:
Digital SLR-like imaging:
o Industrys highest MP support, with up to 20 MP capabilities and high-quality 720p HD video capture
o 8MP shot-to-shot performance, with 1.4 frames per second in high-quality mode and 2 frames per second in burst mode
Integrated software that delivers stand-alone consumer electronics quality imaging and video:
o Perfect moment technology: Captures a series of shots, allowing users to select the best image in a series
o Smart lighting: Compensates for backlit and low-light environments
o Face tracking: Identifies, recognizes and focuses on faces
o Auto scene detector: Determines appropriate settings based on environment
o Video noise filter: Improves video quality
o Advanced motion-triggered image stability
TV-out capabilities enable content sharing on larger screens
Pin compatibility between all devices allows for easy design upgrades to match changing consumer demands
Eliminates need for external memory
Works with a variety of mobile baseband and application processor solutions, as well as any high-level or real-time operating system.