Economical and rugged power connector

Regenerative energies, industrial systems and switching stations, power and emergency power supplies, lighting engineering or even engineering: all of these often call for the transmission of very high currents or high voltages, which increases the requirements for the safety and reliability of the connectors used here. It is for just such application areas that ODU has developed the ODU SPC Single POWER Connector product series.
The SPC series is a combination of the proven ODU Lamella contacts and a rugged housing with push-pull locking.

Benefits to the customer from this new connection:
* Nominal current up to 75 A / Nominal voltage up to 1,000 V
* No unintentional unlocking thanks to the secure push-pull locking principle
* High-current contact with IP2X protection against accidental contact when not inserted
* Economical combination solution (single contacts + housing)
* Rugged housing
* Large number of mating cycles > 5,000
* Economical fabrication thanks to crimp connection / receptacle with screw termination
* Contact diameters: 3-5 mm
* IP 50 or IP 67 possible when inserted