Efficiency is king

Premo presents a new three-phase inductor which boasts 99.6% efficiency, making it ideal for power conversion in renewable energy applications.
Standard solutions used in power applications to convert DC waveforms to AC waveforms are known as inverters. These products are used in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS); in frequency converters that convert the alternating current (AC) in direct current (DC), to modulate it afterwards in a variable frequency; in inverters used to generate alternating current from direct current sources, supplied by batteries or renewable energies sources, like wind turbines or solar panels. PREMO has developed the AIC series for these applications.

AIC Series key points:

High efficiency (99,6%) due to very low losses design
Very good inductance stability vs. temperature
High storage currents (up to 220 A)
High current density
Single phase and 3-phase formats
Lower size in comparison with other technologies
Operating temperature up to 25kHz
Wide operating temperature range

A very compact solution, from 320mm wide and 270mm high as maximum, 12% smaller than other similar competitor components. This series meets the applications needs with half of the current size. This is achieved by a high power density and high flux density in the core achieving 10% higher efficiency compared to similar solutions in the market. At the same time is able to work at ripple frequencies up to 25kHz.

This product presents a flat linear performance of Inductance versus current as per below Chart:

A compact solution for reactors, output inductors and sine filters:

PREMO has more than 200 products in its catalogue, and it includes, among others components, M80, M65 M71, and Pot Cores Series, used in inverter applications for renewable energies. With experience of more than 45 years in power inductive elements design and manufacture, PREMO is acknowledged as a very reliable supplier for DC/DC converters applications, automotive, SMPS switch mode power supplies, EMI filtering.