Embedded clocks

IDT has announced the availability of a new family of embedded clocks. The new devices are ideal for embedded applications or any computing system that is hidden from view and runs a real-time operating system. Such systems include high-end printers, home routers, automotive infotainment systems, outdoor communications equipment, industrial temperature-rated motherboards and rugged notebooks. The IDT embedded clocks have a guaranteed life cycle of at least five years and up to seven years much longer than traditional PC clocks providing IDT customers with an added level of reliability.

The new family features embedded clocks that support various standard chip sets used in todays embedded applications. The IDT embedded clocks provide a single-chip solution for systems using todays standard chip sets, helping save board space and giving designers of embedded systems greater flexibility. The new IDT devices also provide highly accurate outputs supporting Serial ATA and PCI Express. All of the new embedded clocks are SMBus programmable and feature spread spectrum to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), providing increased reliability and improved signal integrity.

The embedded clocks are available now, in various packages, ranging from 48 to 72 pins and including SSOP, TSSOP and MLF package types. Many of the devices are also offered in industrial temperature range versions.