Embedded processor portfolio expands

Texas Instruments has announced the major expansion of its embedded processor portfolio, adding 31 new ARM processors that provide customers with scalable solutions. The new processors include 29 Stellaris Cortex-M3 microcontrollers (MCU) and the first two devices in the new Sitara family of ARM9 family and Cortex-A8 technology-based microprocessors (MPUs). This portfolio expansion builds on TIs recent Luminary Micro acquisition and adds to the industrys broadest range of ARM technology-based processors offered by a single supplier.

TIs ARM portfolio offers customers a differentiated product offering through the availability of a complete signal chain including power-efficient processors with application specific peripherals, multiple package options and temperature ranges as well as complementary analog components, tools and software. This robust offering empowers customers to innovate in an extremely diverse mix of end equipments, including industrial automation, test and measurement, medical instrumentation, HVAC, remote monitoring, motion control and point-of-sales, among many others.

The key to TIs ARM strategy is scalability. With software development driving 50% of a products total development costs*, TI understands that designers must drive multiple products from one development effort to stay competitive under time-to-market and cost pressures. By offering an extensive portfolio of embedded ARM devices that span several generations of code compatible ARM architectures, TI enables customers to scale performance, utilize numerous peripherals and drive down system cost with enough headroom for differentiated features and future flexibility.

We are proud to see a long-term partner like Texas Instruments, who has shipped more than five billion ARM Powered devices, expanding its portfolio of ARM technology-based products, said Mike Inglis, EVP processor division, ARM.

With a wide selection of performance, peripherals and value, TI has leveraged the ARM architecture to create a highly scalable hardware and software development platform that truly does provide developers with the option of never having to change architectures again.

Stellaris MCUs Expansion of the industrys largest embedded ARM portfolio brings more flexible memory, connectivity and package options along with reduced pricing

Rapid growth of the Stellaris platform with 29 new MCUs to join the existing 138 MCUs that range from 20 MHz to 100 MHz and 8K flash to 256K flash, focusing on applications in energy, security and connectivity markets
Designed by ARMs lead partners in the development of the Cortex-M3 core, new Stellaris devices include unique IP for motion control applications, intelligent analog functionality and expanded advanced connectivity options (10/100 Ethernet MAC+PHY, USB Host/Device, USB On-the-Go support, Bosch 2.0 A/B CAN support)
Immediate price reduction averaging 13 percent across the family, resulting from TI manufacturing efficiencies
Extended pin-compatible offerings and new compact package options for space and cost savings

Sitara MPUs ARM9 family and Cortex-A8 MPUs inspire innovation through combination of high performance, low power and BOM savings
New platform of high performance ARM9 family and Cortex-A8 technology-based embedded MPUs with speeds ranging from 375 MHz to greater than 1GHz in future devices
Embedded developers can immediately leverage the scalability and performance of this family with two new Cortex-A8 technology-based devices (AM3505 and AM3517) available today and several ARM9 solutions in the coming months
Availability of peripheral combinations to drive down system cost and enable multiple connectivity options (CAN, USB 2.0, EMAC, universal parallel port, SATA and a programmable real-time unit)
Support of Linux, Windows Embedded CE and a host of real-time operating systems allows developers to leverage an active community of Linux developers and TIs extensive ecosystem of development partners
Extensive software, development tools and support through ARM, TI and TIs developer network.
Today’s Sitara processors leverage the low power process technology from TIs OMAP applications processors.

TIs commitment to delivering the broadest range of ARM technology-based processors to its customers is equaled by its commitment to providing low-cost, easy-to-use development tools to accelerate development and facilitate code reuse. These include ARM embedded software development tools, as well as reference code, drivers, peripheral libraries and a wide breadth of operating system support. Developers can also utilize TI and ARMs comprehensive ecosystem of partners offering expert hardware, software, tools, training and design support.