Energy-efficient TFT displays

From 3.5 to 7 inches ranges the display portfolio from the Taiwanese manufacturer EDT, which is available from Glyn. Thanks to a simple interface using a 40-pin foil cable, all displays are easily to assemble and to exchange. With an operating temperature range of 20 to +70C, these displays are not only ideal for use in rugged environments, their equipment with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED backlights as well as LED drivers with dimmer functions make them also to the right solution in portable applications. The new TFT displays are available in sizes 3.5′ (320×240), 4.3′ (480×272), 5.0′ (800×480), 5.7′ (320×240), 5.7′ (640×480) and 7′ (800×480).