Engineered to reduce costs

ODU has introduced a new version of its Mini-Snap plastic PC series. The circular connector with push-pull plastic lock is plug compatible with the previous version and can be used in existing applications.

The inner design has been simplified to make assembling the connector easier, leading to lower costs. Stamped contacts (0.7mm contact size) also contribute to reduced costs.

Features include IP50 and IP65 (with or without EMC protection), low insertion and withdrawal forces and 100 per cent protection against accidental contact with the connector in its inserted position.

The product is designed for 5,000 mating cycles and is available in three sizes (12.5 to 19mm dia) and two to 27 contact positions. Loads can be up to 22A for a single contact.

Stamped and turned contacts are available, with automatic packaging possible for stamped contacts. Contact termination can be solder, crimp and PCB. Housings are available in grey, black or white. Operating temperature range is -40 to 120degreesC