Enhanced data centre infrastructure capability

The Datacoms Division of Schroff UK, the leading supplier of server housings for use in data centres of all sizes, has enhanced the power distribution capabilities of its core range of thermally managed cabinets through a partnership agreement with Raritan. Schroff cabinets can now be factory fitted with single- and three-phase high output intelligent power distribution units giving up to 22.1 kW per cabinet input power. The power units feature remote management software that provides real-time, detailed information on the energy usage through each outlet and also enables remote soft and hard reboots using IP-based technology. Also now available is multi-sensor monitoring software, which, when integrated into existing thermal management control systems, enables the data centre ambient temperature to be raised without compromising operating temperature, reducing energy consumption significantly.

In addition to its advanced cabinet technology, Schroff offers a wide choice of air and water based thermal management solutions, which ensure reliable equipment operation independent of server workload and provide headroom for future expansions and equipment upgrades. With a complete survey, installation and commissioning service available in addition to the supply of configured equipment, Schroff are able to meet the needs of all data centre owners for reliable, high quality and power and thermal efficiently server housings.