Enhanced opto support for Irish buyers

Pacer International has strengthened its customer support with a new sales office in Cork, Ireland. The office will be headed by Rory OConnor, who has spent 21 years in the electromechanical industry. Having run a component distribution company in the region for 17 years he has relationships with a number of manufacturers, including optoelectronic supplier TT Optek, with which Pacer intend to strengthen its existing relationship.

Rory OConnor said: I want to enhance Pacers position as a specialist supplier of optoelectronic products and information displays in Ireland. Strong market sectors in the region, such as medical, will benefit from Pacers optical and photonics expertise and we will increase Pacers support for these markets.

Pacer director, Paul Kennedy, said: Pacers optoelectronic portfolio and custom design service are well suited to the Irish market. We have the flexibility to adapt to the changing face of the industry here and see opportunity for growth in information displays, custom design projects and the medical sector.