Enhancing products and services

AEL Crystals has increased its range of frequency control products. Additional products include SAW components, VCOs, high frequency ceramic devices, dielectric filters and resonators. All the companys original quartz based products are also still in production.

Operations director, Shaun Mellors, said: The increase in our product range allows us to service a much wider applications base. With the addition of our applications team this allows AEL to better service its customers and offer a true single source for all frequency control devices.

In other news from the company, AEL has recruited two applications engineers, Robert Newbold and Nasser Abbas, to assist customers when specifying frequency control products. Customers can approach both engineers for advice on integrating frequency control products into new designs, thus optimising service, technical and commercial requirements.

Shaun added: As our market and customers become more technically demanding we need to be able to support this high end design. The appointment of Robert and Nasser lets AEL offer additional services to its customer base