Enter ATOM embedded systems

The Wordsworth Division of Steatite has enhanced its range of embedded systems with the introduction of new products that utilise the latest Intel ATOM processors. The new products include Single Board Computers (SBCs), Embedded Systems, and Panel PCs. The Intel ATOM N270 processor brings a wide ranging set of user benefits to the latest generation of Steatite Wordsworth divisions market-leading products for industrial computing applications. The devices offer 1.6GHz CPU power yet with very low power consumption. High efficiency gives good thermal performance and allows fanless operation. This absence of moving parts helps improve overall system reliability and means that customers do not need to make provision in their design for vents. Equipment can also be used safely and reliably in dusty environments.

ATOM N270 processors are mass produced devices for the embedded market which helps make them a cost-effective solution. A long product life cycle road-mapped for between three and five years, underlines the long-term availability of the processors, this gives reassurance to customers who incorporate Wordsworth embedded products in their equipment.

Steatites Wordsworth Division has strong in-house technical capabilities that enable specific customer requirements to be accurately met in a short leadtime. If required, customers have the option to purchase directly from a comprehensive online store.