Expanding fan range

Air Control Industries has expanded its range of air movement products by introducing a new range of medium to high pressure fans. Designated the EV Range, the new fan units offer flow rates of up to 51,000 M/Hr (30,000CFM), and pressures up to 300Mbar (120 In.SWG), allowing the company to satisfy a much wider scope of air movement enquiries than previously enjoyed.

Intended for clean air, dust-laden air, pneumatic conveying and many other industrial applications, ACIs EV range is readily available in a choice of finishes and standards, including painted mild steel, ATEX and Stainless Steel versions.

The EV range can also be fitted with directly coupled AC motors (2 or 4 pole according to duty), or be supplied with extended shafts for belt driven applications. In addition ACI can also offer a wide range of options and accessories for this range, including flow control valves, flexible connectors, inlet guards and acoustic enclosures.

ACI is a Global Leading supplier of industrial air movement products. The introduction of the EV range is an exciting development for the company and will undoubtedly create more opportunities for us said Paul Tuffin, ACIs Managing Director.