Expanding microwave options

Aspen Electronics has introduced connectors and adapters for use in commercial and military high frequency coaxial microwave component applications. The company states the devices offer high precision specifications, particularly VSWR and insertion loss. All the connectors comply with international mechanical interface standards including IEEE and Mil. The high frequency bulkhead connector range includes 2.92mm male and female flange mount components in two and four-hole fitting versions. Operating from DC to 40GHz the devices have a nominal impedance of 50ohms and VSWR figures of 1.10:1 (max) at DC to 18GHz and 1.15:1 (max) at 18 to 40GHz. Thread-in connectors are also available in 2.92mm and 2.4mm (DC to 50GHz).

For lower frequency, DC to 27GHz applications, SMA connectors are available with two/four-hole or thread-in mounting options. Completing the range are two and four-hole SSMA flange mount connectors operating at DC to 40GHz frequencies with VSWR figures of 1.15:1 (max) at DC to 18GHz and 1.20:1 (max) at 18 to 40GHz.

The adapter range includes 2.4, 2.92 and 3.5mm devices operating from DC to 50GHz, 40GHz and 30GHz respectively, precision SMA adapters and 3.5/2.4mm, SMA/2.4mm, 2.92/2.4mm and 3.5/2.92mm types.