Explore underwater possibilities

DEM Manufacturing’s new aluminium enclosures provide protection against dust and water and will withstand prolonged immersion in water. They are ideal for demanding environments in marine, industrial, food preparation, transportation and leisure applications. The new Deltron 480 and 483 series of enclosures are rated at IP67 and IP68
as defined in the IEC standard 60529. IP68 is the highest grade of
protection defined in this standard. Deltron IP67 enclosures will withstand
immersion in water to depths of up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. The IP68
enclosures can handle depths of up to 5 metres for 1 hour. All are
certified to BS EN60529 1992.

Coupled with the established in-house machining and finishing service, DEM
Manufacturing provides customers with a cost-effective and complete one stop
solution, for both low and high volume requirements.

Manufactured in aluminium 380 alloy, the Deltron 480 series offers 15 sizes
of standard boxes, whilst the Deltron 483 series consists of 9 sizes of
flanged boxes. Sizes range from 60mm x 55mm x 31mm to 275 x 175 x 66mm
the largest range available from a UK or European supplier.

DEM Manufacturing offers a range of die cast aluminium enclosures, plain and
coated, flanged, sealed, IP65 and IP66, with a full one stop solution for
design, engineering finishing and box build. Also offered is a selection of
ABS, polycarbonate IP65 enclosures.