Extended eighth-brick series

Murata Power Solutions has extended its UWE series of eighth-brick, 4:1 ultra-wide input isolated DC/DC Converters with the addition of two new models. Both the UWE-5/15-Q48N-C (15A@5VDC) and the UWE-15/5-Q12P-C (5A@15VDC) provide up to 75W of output power, making them ideal space saving drop-in replacements for commonly used 100W quarter-brick devices where the full 100W power is not needed. An ultra-wide input voltage range of 18 to 75VDC (UWE-5/15-Q48N-C) and 9 to 36VDC (UWE-15/5-Q12P-C) helps simplify the integration of the new DC/DC Converters in customer designs. Typical applications include mobile and battery powered devices, test equipment, telecoms and wireless, plus distributed power architectures in the industrial, high reliability, aerospace, networking & wireless, and telecom and office equipment markets.

The eighth-brick industry standard through-hole package has overall dimensions of 22.9mm (0.9in.) x 58.4mm (2.3in.) x 9.1mm (0.36in.) high. Operating temperature range is -40dm;C to +85dm;C with derating.

The UWE series has a synchronous rectifier design that results in typical high efficiency ratings of 90%, plus low power dissipation with no reverse output conduction. This allows the DC/DC Converters to be used without fans or temperature derating in most applications. For the most demanding environments, customers can specify an optional thermal mounting baseplate.

The UWE series provides 1500VDC isolation (basic insulation) to assure safety, and fully differential (floating) operation for maximum application flexibility. All models include remote On/Off control, trim, and remote sense functions to provide compensation for line drop errors at high output currents.

Extensive self-protection design features including pre-bias operation, input undervoltage, and output short circuit, overcurrent and over temperature protection prevent potential damage to both the converter and outside circuits. Overloads automatically recover using the hiccup technique upon fault removal.

The new models and all existing UWE wide input, isolated eighth-brick DC/DC Converters meet UL/EN/IEC 60950-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1 safety approvals and comply with the requirements of RoHS-6 and FCC RFI/EMI certification.