Extension of the modular electronics housing system

Like a tailor-made suit straight off the rack, the groundbreaking module concept combines freedom in design with the efficiency as well as the planning reliability of a
standard system. Hence also available as 12.5 mm and 45 mm pitch the further completion of the product line is continued in order to cover the full range of established sizes from the 6 mm sliced variants, beyond 22.5 mm up to 67 mm wide-span electronics housings. In addition to scalability, a high level of safety as well as innovative functionality and applicability, the system also convinces with superior advantages in detail. The result: time-saving installation, user-friendly operation as well as high operational reliability and resistance to interference.

CH20M stands for efficiency, ranging from development to production and consistently satisfies all requirements placed on a future-proof platform for modern electronics.

Evident labelling
Combined with the captive, unique AutoSet encoding, the clearly detectable markers on the plug connection and in the front ensure proof against mismating of the connections.

Visibly locked
The operating and indicator elements can be protected standard by lead-sealing the cover to prevent unauthorised access.

Fast connection intuitive ejection
Simple and fast operation, even in the most difficult installation conditions through integrated and colour-coded release yokes.

Custom design
The suitability for laser labelling and the colour options of the housing modules further expand the design options. The swivelling cover can also be variably printed
and easily marked.

Practically oriented operation clear display
The transparent, swivelling cover engages when raised and locks into place or can be removed. Operating and indicator elements are legible in the closed state as well. The integrated release yoke enables the ejection of the socket plug in the most difficult installation conditions.

Automatic coding
Extensive safety package included standard:
– integrated, captive coding with unique Autoset function
– Bi-directional finger safety, both on the plugs AND the pin headers side
– Personal and ESD safety by means of serially leading earth pins