Face up to security sourcing

Utilising infrared lighting, a new dual sensor face recognition system has been introduced, said to work independently of the surrounding lighting conditions. It works with spectacles and moustaches, providing recognition in under one second.
Dual sensor recognition technology offers high security and can be used in standalone or network format. In the standalone version, will store 1,400 users, it works with spectacles and moustaches and recognition is under one second. It can store the audit trails on a USB drive that will hold 150,000 log entries and optional image capacity over 70,000. Both systems offer Wiegand interface for controlling electronic doors etc. A 3.5 inch colour display shows your position and voice prompts, with language selection, guide you into the correct position. RFID cards can be used for a one-to-one solution and it will accept EM or Mifare. You can select face, card or both face and card access control. The IR system allows the reader to be used in lighting conditions of 0-5000Lux ensuring reliability through out the day and night.

This small, 200x95x115 mm, low powered, 12V 500mA, system offers very powerful features and very high security yet is probably the most affordable facial recognition system on the market.