Fans and RoHS

To the untrained eye, different fans can look alarmingly similar. However, dig under the surface and the subtle technical differences can have a dramatic effect on fans suitability to a range of working environments. Compounding this fundamental sourcing issue, the RoHS directive has led many manufacturers to review their range before investing in the design, materials and processes required for compliance. As a benchmark for comparison, Sunon UK agent and distributor, Thermaco, has compiled a list of RoHS compliant AC and DC cooling fans and blowers, illustrating their technical differences and application potential.

DC axial fans

With sizes ranging from 40 by 40 by 10mm to 120 by 120 by 38mm, the entry level KD range is designed for applications suiting sleeve or double ball bearing fans. These include: audio, lighting, computers, amusement machines and hygiene equipment. Featuring a patented radial wound motor design, they are available in 5, 12, 24 and 48V versions, depending on size. Ball bearing versions are available with IP55 protected motors.

Measuring 40 by 40 by 10mm to 120 by 120 by 38mm, KDE fans feature Sunons Vapo MagLev bearing system which the company states as high life, low cost. Typical applications include: broadcasting, medical, scientific, CCTV, drives/controls, PoS, PSU and automotive. These applications demand component reliability. Again, 5, 12, 24 and 48V versions are available, dependent on size. KDE fans are available with IP55 protected motors.

Available in sizes 17 by 17 by 8mm to 40 by 40 by 6mm, GM fans are small, slim designs featuring Sunons patented low power Green Motor, plus Vapo MagLev bearing system. Thus, this design suits battery operated and portable equipment such as: ticketing machines, test/measurement instruments, sensors and portable computers. The same motor design is available in larger fan types for OEM applications and some variations can handle 90C operating temperature for applications such as video projectors. Five and 12V versions are available, dependent on size. The fans use a radial wound motor and are available with IP55 protected motors.

Designed in sizes ranging from 38 by 38 by 20mm to 120 by 120 by 38mm, PMD fans are described as the ultimate in airflow aggression. The Power Motor range is designed to move the maximum air through a system. Telecom, networking and military applications have a thirst for power and this range is designed for just such use. Available with 12, 24 and 48V high power, high torque motors, these fans feature double ball bearings. PMD fans can be PWM speed controlled and are available with IP55 protected motors.

DC blowers

Measuring 50 by 50 by 15mm to 120 by 120 by 32mm, GB and PMB centrifugal blowers are designed to maintain a significant airflow against high resistance. They are similar to air-conditioning blowes, just in miniature. Depending on the application, 12, 24 and 48V versions are available for equipment such as networking hubs, scientific equipment, industial PCs, refrigeration and vending machines. GB designs feature Vapo MagLev bearings, while PMB versions use double ball bearings. PMB blowers are available with IP55 protected motors.

MagLev AC range

With sizes ranging from 60 by 60 by 25mm to 92 by 92 by 25mm, MagLev AC axial fans. This design offers the benefits of a DC fan with an AC supply. Stated benefits include high airflow, low noise, low power consumption, plastic construction (no earthing required) and the Vapo MagLev bearing system. AC fans are used where a DC supply is an issue, such as gaming machines, industrial lighting, commercial appliances, vending and welding machines. Voltage options are 115 and 230V 50/60Hz supply.

AC range

Measuring 80 by 80 by 25 to 254dia by 89mm, this traditional AC fan style offers high reliability and value for money with sleeve and double ball bearing designs. A new, efficient 120mm range is engineered to offer improved performance at high system resistance. Larger sizes are suitable for 19in enclosures, sun beds, photo booths, bottle chillers, infrared heaters and similar industrial applications. Supply is 115 and 230V a 50/60Hz. IP55 protected versions are available.

Reflecting the companies focuse on customer sevive, product developement and the environments, Thermaco holds BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and Sunon hlds ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification.