Fans handle the pressure

Jaro Thermal has announced the addition of two new sizes to its ultra-high-static pressure REVOLUTION series of brushless DC fans. The new sizes specifically address the market’s increasing demand for maximum performance, capability, lower power consumption, and specific size. The 140 x 140 x 51 tops out at an extremely cool 316cfm WITH .83 INCHES STATIC PRESSURE, and the 120 x 120 x 38 delivers a EXTREME 262cfm WITH 1.2 INCHES STATIC PRESSURE .

Due to a unique design, the REVOLUTION maximizes static pressure as it simultaneously optimizes air flow. The superior fixed blade design, combined with a slick air-guiding frame, brings this fan to the top of today’s thermal cooling revolution.

Other sizes include: 38×28, 40×28, 60×38, 70×38, 80×38 and 92×38.

The lead time for production orders is 4-6 weeks ARO.