Farnell sets standard for online transactions

Farnell has continued the process of evolving and enhancing its industry- leading website with the introduction of several new initiatives and processes to speed and ease the selection and ordering of products. eQuotes has been introduced to allow web account customers to request quotes directly via the Farnell website. An online request receives a prompt email reply with a link, that when clicked, confirms all the details of the quotation. Customers can then add to or amend the quote before placing an order online. Registration for a web account can be completed quickly and easily online.

A new customers also bought function has also been launched. This usefully provides web account customers with suggested items related to their current selections, that they may wish to purchase. This feature can save valuable time by overcoming the need for customers to perform new searches.

Another new feature is the introduction of manufacturers store fronts which allows customers to quickly and easily navigate by preferred brand / supplier. Manufacturers names can be accessed via a search tab on the Farnell homepage clicking on these takes the user to the store front for that manufacturer which has a banner and links them through to a listing of relevant product categories for that manufacturer.

Add to basket is also a recent, major, web enhancement. This allows customers to add items to their shopping basket without deviating from the current page. Previously, users would have been taken away from the product page when adding to their basket. The enhancement allows customers to maintain focus on their purchases and eradicates the need to begin re-searching product pages.

Commenting on the latest enhancements to the Farnell website, Gareth Wray, Global Head of eCommerce Operations, Premier Farnell, said: Continual improvement of the online experience is of paramount importance to our business as we seek to increase the number of customers who choose to make their product selections and purchases online. Currently over 55% of Farnells sales in Europe are transacted via eCommerce and the ongoing speed of this transition is testimony to the ease-of-use and effectiveness of our web offering.