Fast delivery of planar arrays

Syfer Technology is introducing a lean manufacturing programme aimed at reducing lead times of planar arrays by a third. Representing a significant investment, this initiative is part of Syfers Six Sigma quality programme, with an objective of reducing customers cost-of-ownership. Syfers lean manufacturing programme has the goal of reducing the lead time on planar arrays by two weeks. The programme of continuous improvement will help improve yields, reduce waste and costs, while giving customers the benefits of commercial advantages such as lower price and shorter lead-times.

Manufacturing manager, Ron Inglis, commented: This programme will change the way we do things at Syfer and will create a major competitive advantage for us, and our customers, in the market place.

Marketing manager, Chris Noade, added: Being able to deliver fast, will ensure we are designed in first for all new space and aerospace programmes. We are regarded as a technical leader and the lean programme will also make us a commercial leader.

Syfer has been producing planar arrays for civil/military aircraft and space/satellite program-mes for over 15-years. Its planar arrays are said to be the only devices of their type approved for use in the International Space Station.