Finding hard-to-find parts

Ac Worldwide is an independent distributor of electronic components that has been satisfying customer needs for over 30 years We have locations in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, China, Israel and the USA. We speak your language, and we pride ourselves on our level of service, quality products and competitive prices we offer our customers.

The AC Group has invested heavily in proprietary software that matches part numbers with inventory from around the globe. If the part is out there, we can find it.

Try us for your hard to find, obsolete and standard production items. Prices can differ in many parts of the world and we can pass along the savings to you.

ACs ability to locate stock anywhere in the world and have the parts received, inspected/tested and shipped by our own companies, sets us apart from our competitors.

We have established long term relationships with customers in various industries such as medical, automotive, telecommunications and aerospace, and invite you to give us a try for prompt, personal service.