First choice for single-action fuses

Digi-Key has expanded its range of Bourns products to include the manufacturer’s new line of SinglFuse thin film chip fuses.

Developed to protect against a range of overcurrent events, SinglFuse products feature current ratings from as low as 500mA up to seven amps. These single-acting fuses are specifically designed for applications that require one-time acting fuses. This allows a physical break in the circuit during short circuits, eliminating the need for a circuit reset.

Thin chip fuses can be customised to meet specific needs with applications including LCD monitors, digital cameras, cell phones, industrial controllers and rechargeable battery packs. The SinglFuse is also RoHS compliant and halogen free.

Vice president of distribution sales at Bourns, Dick Krass, said: With Digi-Key on board, customers are assured of sales channel access to this much-needed line of fuses.