First PCB-mounting coaxial rotary joint

Link Microteks Engineering Division has introduced what is believed to be the industrys first commercially available PCB-mounting coaxial rotary joint. Featuring an extremely wide operating frequency range of DC to 5GHz, the AMCORJ-PCB-SCA1 device is designed to allow a coaxial cable to be rotated through 360 degrees while connected to a printed circuit board.

It is ideal for coiled-cable applications in medical or satcom systems and also serves to protect both the cable and the PCB from damage whenever equipment is moved.

Manufactured from Alochromed aluminium, the rotary joint incorporates a standard female SMA-type connector and a high-quality bearing to ensure the highest levels of reliability. It is a rugged, compact device with a diameter of only 16mm and a height of just 38mm.

The new rotary joint offers first-class performance, with minimal loss of signal strength: at 5GHz it has a maximum insertion loss of 0.3dB and a return loss of better than 16dB, while at 27MHz the insertion loss is only 0.1dB and the return loss just 25dB.