Flash device gains commercial qualification

Single-chip programmable logic solutions from Actel are set to make their mark in high volume markets following the commercial qualification of the companys flash-based ProASIC3 field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and M7 ProASIC3 devices. Developed to support Actels royalty and licence-free soft ARM7 processor core, the ProASIC3 devices are said to offer low total system cost, low power and high security, suitable for consumer, communications and handheld applications.

One customer, Quixant, has already deployed the technology as part of its secure embedded computing platforms for casino slot machines. Hardware design manager, Jon Jayal, said: With the reprogrammability of Actels commercial grade ProASIC3 FPGAs, we can add features to our QX-10 platform without changing PCB design or re-spinning an ASIC.

Director of silicon product marketing for Actel, Martin Mason, added: Propelled by the familys low unit costs, the low-power ProASIC3 FPGAs are being adopted by customers in the automotive, consumer, medical and industrial markets. As we roll-out the remaining members of the ProASIC3/E families throughout 2006, we expect acceptance to continue at a rapid pace.

Qualified to support commercial and industrial temperatures between -40 and 85C, the device is available in VQ100, FG144, FG256 and PQ208 packages. Pricing starts at $1.50, with seven devices under $10, in 250K quantities.