Flip the ZIF connector

Yamaichi Electronics now offers a novel flip type ZIF connector for FFC/FPC and thus enlarges its portfolio of board-to-cable connections. The new series HF601 is a zero insertion force FFC connector with a 0.5mm pitch and a minimal height of 2mm, which combines plug security and variability due to a wide range of different pin counts. The ZIF connector is characterized by a cover which can be widely opened and in which a standard FFC can be smoothly inserted. The cover is closed and locks with a distinctly audible click. Another feature of HF601 is its ability to contact FFC with or without a positionig part due to the special design. The positioning part ensures an increase in safety against extraction of the FFC.

For more flexibility the connector is available with pin counts 10, 20, 26, 30, 40, 45, 50 and 60. It is delivered on tape reels.

Apart from the HF601 ZIF connector Yamaichi Electronics offers also other zero insertion force connectors equipped with tray type mechanism. An alternative to ZIF board-to-cable connections is the Y-Lock Pullforce connector which can be locked without opening or closing of a cover thanks to its one-push-lock system.