Frame grabber packed with features

BVM has introduced the MPX-885, the latest addition to its family of Mini PCI-E 30 x 51mm form factor cards. The new card integrates all the functions required to perform external A/V capture for industrial and commercial market such as home security, commercial surveillance, vehicles DVR, commercial machine vision and industrial image control. Based on Conexants CX23885 chipset, the video and audio decoder supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM video formats to give a high-performance, cost-effective AV capture capability. Colour and monochrome video are supported with a full end-to-end 10-bit video data path; the stereo or mono selectable audio path is 16 bit throughout to ensure high-fidelity audio. The card operates at up to 30 frames/s and supports 1 ~ 8 composite, 1 ~ 4 S-Video or composite with two YPbPr (component) inputs.

The MPX-885 joins other Mini PCI-E cards that offer a range of useful functionality: 2 x Giga LAN; DVI interface; 24-bit dual channel LVDS; 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN and 4 x RS232 ports are all available in the convenient small form factor.