Freeze the impact of aerosol cleaners

MicroCare Europe has introduced a family of aerosol industrial cleaners designed to address European Union targets to reduce the impact of industrial gasses on the atmosphere. The launch features updates to MicroCares four best-selling cleaners: VeriClean EU aerosol is a high-end defluxer, while ProClean EU is a budget-oriented defluxer/degreaser. The line also features new versions of the ‘canned air’ and circuit chiller ‘freeze spray’ products.

Importantly, the canned air and freeze spray products are said to be the first non-flammable products of their kind with an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP).

Products in the range comply with European F-Gas regulations, eliminating the need for recovery systems and the cost of specialised disposal. The new chemistries are also said to enhance cleaning power, so the aerosols will cleaner better and faster. As with all MicroCare products, the chemical technology is Reach-pre-registered in Europe and RoHS-compliant.

Initially available only in Europe, the new products will carry a small price premium but MicroCare expects costs to decline as demand rises. Customers of the canned air and freeze spray products will also benefit from easy-to-ship packaging due to the new formulation.