Frequency converter IC suits set-top gateways

RF Micro Devices has announced the introduction of the RFFC0085 frequency converter integrated circuit (IC). The CMOS-based RFFC0085 frequency converter IC is designed for use as an Out-of-Band (OOB) receive circuit tuner in cable industry and SATCOM-DBS set-top boxes, DOCSIS Set-Top Gateways, OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP) CableCards, Tru2Way products and CableCard-equipped HDTVs. The RFFC0085, which consists of an input AGC amplifier, mixer and a video/AGC amplifier, delivers optimum performance with low power consumption and low distortion. The RFFC0085 delivers a > 50% reduction in DC power dissipation and a 55% or greater reduction in printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) area, versus competitive solutions.

With +3.3VDC, it operates in its market segment’s smallest package (3×3 mm QFN-16) with higher conversion gain and lower DC power dissipation than +5VDC tuners. The frequency converter’s small footprint, combined with its industry-lowest external component count, make the RFFC0085 the ideal OOB receive circuit solution for space-constrained applications. This enables the cost-effective size reduction of consumer premises equipment (CPE), such as super-thin flat panel HDTVs and PCs.

The RFFC0085 is shipping in volume today and samples are available for immediate delivery.