Get naked

Charcroft announces availability of a new, naked ultra-high-precision resistor for high-end audio, multimedia and broadcast applications. Based on Vishays bulk metal Z-foil resistor, the Charcroft CAR resistor is supplied with a protective coating, rather than moulding or encapsulation, to deliver a high level of perceived sound clarity. Available with a typical lead-time of 72 hours for samples and three weeks for standard orders, CAR resistors feature a low current noise of less than -40dB and a rise time of 1.0ns without ringing. They can be trimmed to any tolerance and any value within the resistance range of 10Ohm to 100kOhm and can withstand electrostatic discharges of over 25 kV.

Charcrofts managing director, Paul Newman, explained: These resistors are designed to improve signal processing integrity when replacing conventional resistors in differential amplifiers or power supplies for high-end audio products. CAR resistors can also be used in the feedback, loading and gain stages of audio circuits.