Getting tough on Ethernet

Bulgin has added four new panel mount versions to its Buccaneer family of IP68 waterproof Ethernet connectors. The PX0839/PC has straight PC pins designed for vertically mounting PCBs flush against the rear of the connector. PX0839/90 has 90deg pins, enclosed in a screening can, to mount PCBs horizontally, while the PX0839/IDC has IDC insulation displacement terminations designed for straightforward field assembly. All three connectors are single hole fixing, rear-of panel mounting and can be soldered to the PCB as a complete assembly before fitting to the panel.

The forth connector, PX0870, is a square flange mounted Ethernet connector offering four hole screw fixing, with standard RJ45 connections to the front and rear of the panel.

All new versions mate with existing Ethernet Buccaneer cable connectors, maintaining Cat5e system performance and IP68 sealing integrity throughout.