High brightness, low profile design

Mouser Electronics is stocking the new half-watt cool white and warm white LEDs from visible LED producer, Avago Technologies. Avago, is a supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial, and consumer applications. The ASMT-Mx60 LEDs are the newest addition to Avagos Moonstone power series.

The ASMT-Mx60 Half-Watt LEDs feature an exposed heat sink pad and are capable of delivering lumens-to-watt (lm/W) efficiency for half-watt power LEDs with 30lm (typical) and up to 43lm cool white light output at 150mA.

The ASMT-Mx60 LEDs are the industrys first half-watt power LEDs capable of withstanding a high maximum allowable junction temperature (up to 145C). With an exposed pad design, the LEDs feature a wide 110 viewing angle, smooth radiation pattern, and excellent heat transfer from the package to the motherboard, enabling the LEDs to be driven at a current of 150mA.