High connector packing density

The SC/BC 3.81 signal plug connector system combines comprehensive design-in competence with superior advantages in detail.
The result is maximum applicability and user benefit with precise advantages over the entire life cycle. This results in maximum efficiency in the processing due to reflow-capable SMT pin headers, as well as through PUSH IN connection technology while maintaining greatest possible freedom in design through an applicable portfolio range. The system offers a high packing density through double-row pin headers in combination with low profile socket connectors. The outstanding performance convinces with a rated current of 17.5 A per contact without derating up to an ambient temperature of 65 C.

Tool-free connection intuitive disconnection
PUSH IN spring connection technology: direct wiring without tools simply plug in the prepared conductors finished! Intuitive disconnection thanks to the easy-to-use release buttons.

Solder once plug-in twice
Minimum stack height, maximum clamping force and PUSH IN: the SCDN 3.81 simply handles two 15.2 mm low profile BCF 3.81 with 1.5 mm2 wire end ferrules.

Code in advance process universally
The coding keys made of high-quality LCP are reflow compatible and can be mounted even prior to soldering, e.g. directly ex works. Efficient & safe: no deforming, no losing, ONE process.

Efficient mounting process-secure soldering
Dimensionally stable during all soldering processes, plus temperature reserves in the solder profile and during operation through the LCP high-temperature material as well as short pins, stand-offs, air ducts to disperse the solder-heat and solder flange.