High power crimp contacts

Harwin has extended the range of high power contacts available within its Mix-Tek mixed technology Datamate connector series with the introduction of two new crimp style contacts, together with the associated crimp tooling. These contacts will be of particular interest to those users wishing to terminate to cables in sensitive areas where the use of solder joints are not permitted, for example in certain restricted aerospace applications.

The new crimp male power contacts can accommodate cable sizes of between 18 to 20 AWG with current ratings in excess of between 5 and 8 amps achievable, depending on wire size. The new contacts facilitate simple, fast and secure termination to cables, and are fully interchangeable with solder contacts.

Comments, Product Manager, Paul Gillam: Harwins high-reliability 2mm pitch Mix-Tek Datamate connectors can combine a wide range of different contact styles, including co-axial, signal and power. Contact type and configuration of these connectors is selected by the user to suit his specific requirements. These new male power crimp versions are suitable for aerospace and other applications, where the use of soldering systems may cause unacceptable risks.